About Finest Worship

Finest Worship is an annual worship festival of God’s Love Tabernacle International Church. This event started in response to an instruction from God to the Set man of the House Pastor Segun Obadje; to gather men and women from all over the world to worship Him on a very uncommon platform.

 A platform where men and women gather to minister unto the Lord without being in a haste or constrained by time. It is an all-night-long event where men settle down and give God quality worship; revering, honoring and loving Him. The finest and purest of it; from a fine and pure heart.

Finest worship over the years has been a leap from Glory to glory. It has evolved from a gathering of hundreds to a meeting of tens of thousand of men and women from different parts of the world gathering unto the lord.  Over the years, participants/ worshipers have come to understand that:

First, God loves to be worshipped. The Bible says “the father seeketh such to worship him; those that worship him in spirit and in truth”(John 4:23). 

Secondly, anything that has to do with the glory of God the vision to worship God and inspire and motivate people to do the same is always greeted with God’s blessing of increase and expansion and we have seen Finest Worship move from glory to glory over the years because: 

•It is a vision that God gave, commanded by God. 

•Secondly, it is a mandate that has the blessing of God on it to expand until it covers the whole earth. That’s what it has been over the years

Finest worship in its 11th Edition was viewed all over  the world and recorded over 20,000 people in attendance both online and on site. Ministers in Finest worship have always been selected by the inspiration of the holy spirit, they are seasoned  music ministers, sons and daughters of Pastor Segun Obadje.

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